Salman Rushdie, & Co.

I block out those who support Salman Rushdie. I think they try to be mean -- and that is what they achieve.

If to replicate that "success," go around in Britain and list the lowliest things you hear/witness that low-character people do. Then, attribute those to people who would never do such, preferrably, naming people that the British hold highly. (Presumably, the nobility.) If Salman Rushdie imagines porn in Mecca, your libel may go into Westminster Abbey. (Waiting British applause? Unlikely.)

That what I mock, would not achieve reciprocity -- let me have warned, if that were your aim. First of all, Islam opposes such abusiveness & libels, against faiths & people. Furthermore, the practical wisdom is that, most such provocateurs, have no religious values. To foster the shred of "empathy" by counter-examples, is not probable. Plus, as British tabloids suggest, they may not be holding/finding their nobility as highly as we find our prophet (s.a.s.) & family (r.a.).

The single point that has applicability is that, the British law probably would allow sueing you because of your libelous fiction about existing people, while Salman Rushdie gets awards.

Their saliva/wish, to mass-brainwash by assaulting your values, is an ugly propaganda war.

Their "high profile" strategy is so simpletonianly gross, and low-quality that, you would not mind to try to talk.

How would you communicate is absurd. Expecting Liverpool hooligans to cheer for Manchester United (start to finish), is more plausible, I think, than expecting a valid talk with such [agent-]provocateurs. Thus, blocking out is extra right, not to abridge the (valid) think&talk we know of.

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