a caricature of testing limits

Some people seem to think that freedom-of-expression is best by assaulting what religious people value.

That "freedom" is not what Hamilton was defending. Not about informing-with-straight-truth, but libel & profanity.

Probably, I am not known as a pacifist. A sharp tongue. I may fight, & persevere constant tension. But why? I dislike sorts of tension within a group. Thus, limiting the membership, to keep out the conflict-cravers.

I do not plan to affirm people of those papers (nor various other human-rights abusers, & foes).

I oppose their [major] sponsors, too. (A tasty chocolate, covered with libel-drops? No good.)

To block out what we find untrustable/offensive, is a sense that fuses the pun, angle & tangle -- cozily.

black-listing, the old style

Media-tangle is a relentless attitude, defending at the homebase. Not about targeting a specific foe.

For example, in 2005/2006 when there was the "cartoon crisis", I suggested people to blacklist the corporations who advertise with those libelous newspapers. That is, the economy card against their (pro-pagan) propaganda wars. That is trivial to do. Buy (or, find at a barber) a single copy of Jyllands Posten, Le Soir, or other such, and you know all of their sponsors, daily.

But if they were to publish through internet/www (with or without a facility like Media-tangle), how may we know who sponsors who, through micro-advertisements? That would be their homebase.

That is, to black-list the unwanted people is not only what Media-tangle style is able to.

The old way of black-listing, by boycotting their sponsors has a different kind of weight -- targeting the sponsors of the enemy. That makes sense, too. If that newspaper is telling libels about our group, that probably causes people to be less happy in the public. The tomato-paste selling company, if they sponsor that newspaper with their advertisement, their net total is not contributing to the satisfaction-from-life for the target group.

Thus, not buying their tomato-paste, makes sense. In that sense, that is reminding of why we block out people from our Media-tangle lists, if we find their "news" as offensive/untrustable.

We want to maximize/optimize value for our living, certainly not the vice versa.

Surely, the love of our prophet Muhammed (s.a.s.), & the other-worldly "little problem" that Allah would punish us, if we would not oppose the offenses against Islam, both act as extra motivators.

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