block out

For keeping cozy, I block out herds of people, with whom, I would not like to get entangled with.

I would like not to give the impression as if I were "friendly with" or "working for" such people.

Most being known as massive-abusers of human-rights, and some of those categorically block out basic categories I fit, any way. Thus, they are supposed not to be positively with me, either.

I block-out, after I know that he/she is in such a category. Temporary wrong-admissions may be.

As of this writing, I have not published critical software, I have not defined any (free or paid) services through media-town@media-tangle, nor having set up any account to get paid. But, I plan firmly, to keep the club cozy.

I may list the categories that I block out. For example, I

I tend to keep distant, in almost all cases that human-rights groups list. If you think you are not tyrannical nor corrupt, although listed as evil by such groups, you may request information on what I think, about your case.

w.r.t. freedom-of-expression, fact has support, while fiction may be considered as a (propaganda) war.

Hamilton had said that, too. That is, what is true (& if not a privacy-violation), is publishable.

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