Byzantine involvements

In the country where I live, the military (TSK of T.C.) is known not to love Islamic companies. Their "green list" (1997) carries even biscuit makers, & kabob shops -- while I'm into [strategic] social/info-networking!

I'm told of officers who (not to be blacklisted) advise their wives, not to shop from companies in that "green list".

Especially in the issue of staff raises, the wife of any/most may-be-general, is known as active in relevant lobbying, too. Thus, in the category of the TSK personnell, w.r.t. the issue of cliques.

With a thorough knowledge of the state coups by TSK (& other news), I know that they have herds of cliques. It seems, they think of Islamic people in such terms, too -- yet another clique/category. I keep distant.

In computer-protocols, there is the metaphorical "Byzantine Generals" problem. The TSK is echoing that, one way or another, when they purge officers, because of those officers being "undisciplined" and/or being members of this/that external group. In other words, their own concerns reflect that multi-interests, a lack-of trust within the military toward other officers.

If for black humor, I could reflect that there is a big opportunity for networking/filtering software, within the segment of such chronic cliques, but seriously, I would not like to be messing in.

Keeping distant, minimizes trouble. Juggling to be nice to all, would not be even conceivable.

For example, if you were to chat with a general who has been in some war, you would have to take pains to balance that by being nice to the opposite (not-been-to-war) clique, too.

In this case, that might seem relatively doable, because we have been informed through tips in the mass media, that two such cliques exist, and two is not a big number -- assuming the groups know that you have talked with their men, too. But, the balancing act is not trivial, at all. We know that from politicians (in the USA, too) who think that the mass media is favoring their opponent.

The warrior-vs.-not cliques may be seen as a thing related to who is getting to higher posts. But, for example, I know (from newspaper titles that a radio was listing, I caught that by luck) that, the guesthouse[s] of army ruled not to admit navy personnell higher than the colonel rank. Presumably, the careers of land vs aquatic soldiers are not in competition. What is the issue?

Not to mention the cases that you have got no information about what cliques exist, at all.

Especially, given that, countless times, the "restless young officers" (RYO) issue is pointed out, and even to such an extent that, the topbrass (try to) justify their state-coup by pointing out that "things would get out of their control". You see that! If even their commanders get hopeless about containing (who were supposed to be) their herd(s), how would you oscillate with such people?

Said RYO is one of the top two excuses, next to the pressure of the militarist "civilians" that urge state coups. If they are (or, pretend to be) so subservient to what "civilians" suggest, then to allow officers to a club, would probably seem as if I were raising a herd of mine, within TSK.

betting on who will win?

Take the 1960 coup success, 1963 coup failure, 1971 two cliques one of which was successful. They working toward their ultimatom/coup to the government/state, if you knew one/both/all, would you inform the police? If not, if they get caught, your social group may be questioned, too. If you would inform the police, next, if that one would be successful in the state-coup, what law would exist to support your having done "only your civil duty"?

Rather than getting into that mess myself, I defend the basic point that the military is supposed to think only about military issues, and especially from out of borders. Social groupings is not their business.

public witness

After the compulsory military duty, you have to report to TSK yearly, that you are living. I have paid fine one time (or, was that the second?), although at the same period, I had sent some other document there (thus, they knew I was living where). O.K. Red tape. But next, the next time or two after that, they sent "no report" message. That came just one or two days before the last day I was allowed to reply. I immediately wrote that, & told that I have the receipt that they had received the sent. In 2007, again, they sent "no report" message, this time, the date on the document was more than a month before the date on the envelope, the time if the document-time were the case, had passed weeks ago. I wrote that, & thanked Allah that, because of distrust to that traffic, I had kept witnesses to what I was sending, too. Although, that may not be legally extra, that helps to talk with people who know me that, I'm not the chronic problem-maker. (All the same, mom told a few times "why ...?" as if I were the careless. Firmly, I had to point out that I had pointed out this issue, they being witnesses, too.) To keep all the talk with TSK in the public-info, is a high priority, thus -- for various causes, that a few of those I have listed.

I think the U.S. military is more critical in the defense of Turkey. Thus, the problem would not be bad, even if I were to have some militarily truly good opinion that would help defend the homeland. That is, I would report to the U.S.A., rather than T.C., because I take that need to have (public, or half-public) witnesses highly serious.

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