Media-tangle 0.0.1a

Media-tangle 0.0.1a is (as if) a (minimal) web-server. The first little step.

what you see is what you want to know?

What is the figure in the zoom menu standing for? Reflecting may facilitate/refine your grasp of the program.

Media-tangle, Midyat-angle

For a philosophy of Media-tangle, the pun Midyat-angle, is valuable, too. (Midyat is a town, & my surname.)

Let me do it, the good old informaze way (of fourteen centuries). The tangle is both in the sense of cozy integration of information through (friendly & trusted) informaze linking (the friendly tangle, that is as if a single), but also the potential warfare (the repulseful-tangle, to fight/nullify), against (untrustable) press [behemoths].

your Media-tangle vs. "Mad Ya!"

In the country where I live, that would probably help paying your bills well, if you were getting a $1 per published sentence that has some negative sense toward "the ... medya" (pronounced as "med yuh", if not "mad yuh").

That is, commentary published in newspapers, magazines, TV, etc. Written/edited by professional people, for pointing at bad patterns. Let alone what regular people think.

Take that local pronounciation as a pun, to name the offenders making-you-mad, the "mad-ya!".

For pronouncing Media-tangle, I keep the regular English, that is, "Mid..." (fitting Midyat, well), although, surely, people may know "mad-ya!" examples of English-language broadcast/print, too.

Forming your Media-tangle, tailoring your trustable informaze, is a remedy.

from yourself, that is a hierarchy of most-trustable, most-known, first-level, people

through their links, filtering, forming the total, that is your informaze.

Media-tangle, so far, is merely a (minimal) web-server. Therefore, you should probably not pay the fee, yet.

-- unless, maybe, you find the style of interactivity such a plus against the web-servers which are freely available. For example, those bundled with Microsoft Windows, or the apache web server.


Media-tangle is favorware for US$20. That is, a freeware until you respond "Yes." to both of the following two

I'm anti-loans, too. I'm not able to weigh whether any people would need a loan for US$20, but if you do, then I want you to postpone the payment, rather than getting micro-credits, or other such.

No refund (no money back) after you pay. Pay for your grown satisfaction of the software. Not for future wishes.

The fee is for running/using the software. No (further) services are pledged "in return for the fee".

w.r.t. media-town@media-tangle, I may list individuals or categories of people, to keep distant.

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