illustrating the problem

I block out some press/broadcast conglomerates, mostly those which work in the country where I live.

The timings of the first black-listing, differ. Therefore, the list of the blocked-out people would not be tellable only by the corporation name, but tellable with the period of time of working there, too.

Roughly, the middle of 2006, was the golden shot time, that inspired me writing Media-tangle.

I block out all, as if on whim, without mentioning a specific public problem.

That certainly is not confined to me, though. For example, in 2006, a co-incident (or, less than a week before), one of the columns in a magazine, quoted a driver who expressed his "prejudice", if not his lifelong fed-upness, that the newspapers write [only] lies. That author thought that was unfair. But that driver is one of lots of such, who have lost their appetite (or, trust).

The libels widely-suspected/noticed to be in the interests of social-engineering (& government-lobbying)

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